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window treatments for the kitchen

10 Tips to select the right Window Treatments for your Kitchen.

As an experienced window treatment consultant, I often find confusion in my clients when it comes to the selecting the right kitchen window décor. Our remodeling clients spend hours ogling over cabinet style, hinge color, drawer pulls, backsplashes, countertops, and even reading appliance consumer reports, but when it comes to window treatments for the kitchen, many do not know where to start.  The treatments that our moms had are outdated and that vertical sliding door gives people frightful flashbacks to PVC strips clanging and tangling.

Our kitchens get the most use in a home, lets spice it up with window treatment décor.

10 Tips to select the right Window Treatments for your Kitchen.

  1. top window treatmentEach kitchen has its own personality and adding your personal touch to it in the form of window treatments will take your kitchen from regular to VavaVoom without spending much.
  2. A simple kitchen window treatment can take you out of old school to ‘Hello Fabulous’ in a heartbeat – just put a trendy fabric on a top treatment and mount it even with the top of the cabinets and voila – a fabulous way to make windows look bigger, even gives the appearance of more light!
  3. roller shades denverRoller or Roman shades in solar sunscreen material is the best choice for kitchen sink windows – this is a splash zone and needs to be easily cleaned without hassle. The openness of the solar weave allows the dishwasher to gaze out into nature while still having privacy.
  4. Take note what direction the window faces – beware of South or West facing when cooking dinner and East facing during the morning. Window Tinting is an excellent way to stop glare and protect your furniture and floors – think of it as a pair of sunglasses for your windows!
  5. WINDOW TREATMENT MOTORIZATIONDon’t be afraid of motorization that opens and closes on a schedule –  home automation integration is becoming the ‘new normal’ and with smartphones, it is easy to control!
  6. Be sure to ask if your shade or blind can have a stainless steel ball chain or at least a coordinating color with your appliances. It is like matching your belt to your shoes!
  7. Flat Metal Fascias are the perfect finishing touch to cover a shade – many mixed metal finishes are available like Brushed Titanium, Sterling, Copper, Bronze, Black, Pewter, White, Brushed Nickel. Custom looking and sleek!
  8. Consider utilizing a sustainable material like Wood Wovens for a roller or Roman shade or vertical application: these organic materials (think grasses, bamboos with a modern flare) are done as the perfect complement to the hard surfaces found in kitchens. Bring the outside in to bring harmony and subtle softness to your home!
  9. Sliding panel tracksSliding panel tracks the modern alternative for verticals – Materials can vary from solar to wood woven to many durable fabric options. Sliding Panels: think 20” strips that glide and stack behind each other like a deck of cards – perfectly reflects this decade of décor cool!
  10. Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for help – A Better View Décor offers complimentary window treatment design ideas complete with a comprehensive outline of all costs!

The kitchen is a great place to express your unique personal style and kitchen window treatments are the perfect finishing touch to make your house feel like a real home.

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