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Horizontal and Vertical Blinds for Your Denver Home.

Horizontal blinds are available in a variety of slat widths

Blinds can be made in faux or wood or composite materials, featuring many slat sizes. Please consider cordless lift operation or motorized, and there are even route less options (no holes). Responsibility sourcing of wood is important to note also.  Environmentally-friendly premium solid wood or maybe consider a textured grain finish which highlights the natural characteristic of the wood.  Blinds are now also lighter weight which enables easier lifting and lowering and have advanced tilting mechanism makes angling blinds effortless. There is an innovative system now that locks blinds at tighter horizontal intervals with ease and can be upgraded to a 3 ¼” designer crown valance which adds extra style.  The locking mechanisms minimize cord fray for lasting enjoyment and the Cord Release Device consolidates cords and breaks apart in case of child entanglement for added safety.

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