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Custom Curtains and Custom Draperies for Your Denver Home.

Drapery side panels combined with a decorative drapery rod and drapery hardware.

Custom curtains and draperies are one of the most popular methods to cover windows and really bring the WOW factor to the next level!  They can be designed to your liking with many different pleat styles and fullness factors.  There are many pleat styles from standard French to a more contemporary look of a cartridge pleat to a simple tuck pleat, pleats really help create fullness in the fabric all the way down the length. Using the right amount of fabric fullness always makes custom made the clear choice for that rich luxurious look we all crave for the future.  Curtains and draperies are the best finishing touch that really turn a house into your personal home.

Curtains are typically stationary, whereas draperies refer to movement in the fabric, perhaps on a traversing pole.  Draperies are panels of fabric attached to some form of decorative rod. Drapery panels, however, can also be stationary.  Popular styles right now are the grommet tops that easily slide on a pole without rings or a simple tuck pleat really emphasizes a clean no fuss design. These window coverings are great for blocking light, sound, heat and cold from room, but surely have the high style design aspect to them also. A Better View Decor offers an extensive selection of current fabrics and style to consider for curtains or draperies, ensuring that we will find the right style, color and pattern to fit your personality and budget. Lining your draperies with custom design is essential for sun protection and insulation (especially in Denver, CO!).  Lining your draperies also prevents the fabric pattern and color from being seen from the outside.

Both drapes and curtains can be combined with top treatments such as cornices, and valances to add style to your window. Valances can be either rod mounted or board mounted and easily coordinated with pillows or dust ruffles in the room.

Drapery sheers have become increasingly popular in recent years. They can easily be combined to create a stunning window.

We can help you Décor It! Contact us today to see what Custom Curtains and Custom Draperies we can create for your Denver home’s windows.

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