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What a pleasure it was to create a warm, private space for a lovely family residing in this beautiful Boulevard One home. With innovation at top of mind, this family desired a home that accented the landscape, yet still provided the necessary privacy to live day in and day out.

For window treatments, we provided a motorized installment to offer light control paired with seamless settings. With no loose cords and gradual openings, these motorized windows complement the family’s minimalist design, while waking sleepy teenagers gently rather than abruptly.

A Better View Decor suggested top-down, bottom-up, energy-efficient Cellular shades for the bedrooms. Being able to use the natural sunlight for warmth in the rooms without sacrificing privacy was a major advantage for this family. The contemporary feel of the banded shades in the living, dining, and great room accent the home’s style perfectly, while still allowing daytime privacy. With this particular function, this family can see out but no one can see in, which truly is the “magic” of a sheer component within a window treatment. The result? A perfect finishing touch for this family-filled home.


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