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When A Better View Decor was asked to help identify this awesome couple’s personal style, we were glad to help.

The finished design represents how much they both love colorful design. Both the Romans and drapery reflect how cosmopolitan and well-traveled they are in a cohesive way. It was fun to work with trims and colorful banding throughout the home, and they absolutely love the finished look in their newly remodeled home. Functional modern design options combined with more traditional colorful patterned fabrics really pulled together an overall aesthetic that perfectly reflects this clientele’s style. This family was so grateful to have A Better View Decor pre-select fabric choices so they could really narrow down the look quickly prior to having a face-to-face appointment. This is our new normal in a socially distanced world: we vow to respect everyone’s time and prepare for all consultations virtually, so we make the best use of our client’s time in the future.

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