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Bailey was newly married full time busy professional when we met and wanted to create a sanctuary where she and her husband could relax and enjoy their new life together. We decided on bold patterned drapery for the bedroom and cornices in a cool soothing solid for the living room with shutters for privacy and light control. I presented high quality fabrics combined with professional workroom quality to her, that did not reflect high prices, and she realized that pro design does not need to break the bank. She accented her office with bold print drapery for stimulation at work, and added a vibrant cornice with pops of bold color for her bathroom window – all of these window treatments helped them enjoy the natural light still but achieve privacy, and helped sell the home in a heartbeat when they were ready to move. In the second home, she wanted a sleek polished updated look with a nod to traditional design  – the proud new parents used relaxed functional Romans in the nursery to create an ‘up in the clouds’ whimsical theme for their little one to enjoy and to be able to nap in complete darkness. They decided to use a trendy trellis fabric done in soothing neutrals for the drapery for the massive windows in the great room, and they are loving the results! It is always such a pleasure to be a part of someone’s journey in design.  The combination of soothing colors with patterned design are the perfect complement to this happy family’s home.

custom window treatments
Client: Bailey Hurley
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